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Why Content Marketing is so Valuable

Online marketing is the most efficient form of brand promotion in modern society, with very simple concepts. Create an online presence for your product or service, rank higher in search results with proper search engine optimization, and watch your business grow in the digital marketplace.

Once you have your business established, with a viable product or service, and a properly designed website, You’ll soon discover that the main determining factor is search engine optimization. You need the right key words and key phrases for your target demographic to find you.

In the case of affiliate marketing, you need to understand viral trends to push your per-click return percentages. For the average entrepreneur, learning the intricacies of content marketing can be hit and miss.

With this basic guide, you’ll find valuable information to optimize your business for the digital market, without the guesswork.

Goals of Content Marketing is using targeted, researched content to generate company growth by…

  1. Attracting more visitors.
  2. Converting visitors into leads.
  3. Converting leads into customers.
  4. Converting customers into repeat sales and advocates of your brand/product.

How Does Content marketing and SEO work Together??

Your search engine ranking is subject to numerous variables. Content is ranked based on keywords, external links, readability, and numerous technical factors. The most successful marketing campaigns focus on niche key phrases with high traffic and low competition. Finding the perfect subject matter and content can be elusive when building a new business’ online presence, or growing an established brand with new clients.

It is possible to artificially improve your traffic and exposure by placing your own paid campaigns with search engine companies. These type of paid marketing campaigns are usually pay-per-click advertising over a set time period with a daily maximum expense applied to the account. You never want to invest money in viral marketing without proper research to at least insure interest in your specific content keywords.

Content Marketing, Why Content Marketing is so Valuable

The 3 Keys To Content Marketing Effectively

There are thousands of successful business models and countless industries that profit immensely from digital marketing, You can experience the same results by following the same patterns. Let’s take a look at a few of those formulas that work.

  • Quality of your Content

This is where your brand awareness begins. Without quality ad copy, you will not see major conversion with website traffic. The definition of quality can depend on industry specific advertising but there has to be a proven quality to your ad copy. You don’t need to have a thousand words and 4 internal links and H tags for every paragraph, etc. All you need is the information your client is looking for and answer it in the fastest most complete way possible.

Look at the top page on Google for the term your wanting to improve your rankings on. Then imitate that page look, feel, information and make it better.

Have a good landing page that is clear in presentation. Your traffic should immediately know what they need, why they want it, and how to get it. Follow the lead of a similar company, or hire a professional writer and expert web designer, just don’t re-invent the wheel. Do what works and you will see similar results.

  • Optimization & Research of Keywords

This is the most crucial point in online advertising. You absolutely need to have your optimization as close to perfect as possible. You’re competition succeeds by reaching more prospective clients. Research tools and programs can cost upwards of 20,000 dollars per year, which is out of reach for most company marketing budgets. Getting back links by guest blogging can be a great way to help you marketing budget because they are free or very cheap.

With proper optimization however, customer base will grow exponentially. Outsourcing your search engine optimization will cut that cost, and it will save your business the learning curve involved. You can achieve your goals much easier using companies with the tools and expertise to find the right information for you.

Content Marketing, Why Content Marketing is so Valuable

So much research has been accomplished and fine tuned since the dawn of internet marketing. Hiring professionals to handle your website optimization will improve your conversion rate while you continue to build your company’s tangible aspects.

If you want to go at it on your own or be more knowledgeable you can use tools like MOZAHREFSSEMRush to find the best and most profitable keywords for your niche.

A lot of times hitting a bunch of lower traffic terms, will drive a higher ROI due to the traffic being more qualified and the terms not being over saturated with results.

  • Keyword Cost – Versus Conversions

The start of any advertising campaign should be based on small-scale statistical proof. If you can’t get a reliable and repeatable conversion rate, then do not invest for the sake of traffic alone. Thousands of page views with sales in the single digits does not personify success. Know your numbers and demonstrate efficiency, don’t gamble.

Digital marketing is the most cost effective form of advertising when used correctly along with the help of experts and correct data.

Build Out Your Online and Social Presence

Whether you take on the task yourself, or seek the help of experts, give digital marketing a try and see how it will improve your business almost on its own. With the right attitude and personality towards clients, you can reach the homes of countless prospects with a single interesting article.

The greatest advantage is modern marketing is that your content is reaches customers around the clock without you lifting a finger, so don’t let this approach to profit slip through your fingertips.

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