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How to Track Conversion with Google Analytics

First off,  you want to make sure you have an active and attached Google Analytics page to your site.  If you don’t go here first. – https://analytics.google.com/

What Are Conversions?

How to track conversion on your site? A conversion is a term for when a visitor that has come to your website, takes an action on your site that you care about and “converts” the visitor of your site to a customer, user or you get their email for future use.

, How to Track Conversion with Google Analytics

A good way to track this is to have the visitor of your site fill out a form, complete a purchase, complete a download of a PDF or file, clicking and watching a video or them visiting a non indexed “thank you for your purchase page“.

This post will help you define and measure which traffic sources result in conversions, where they came from, where they exit from your site and other vital information. Find help for URL structure here.

How to Track Conversion?

Now first off you have to set a defined “goal” page. This will be tracked by Google Analytics and this is how you track a conversion.

If your using it for the first time to track conversions, it is an easy set up.

 #1 – Build a site tracking URL –  Ok, so you will have to go and build yourself a tracking URL here- Google Campagin URL Builder

Glossary of URL builder language.

  • Website URL – This is the URL of the page you are linking to. So http://www.anywhere.com
  • Campaign Source – This will track your campaign’s source. This is for the ones who want to track separate campaigns for different sites coming in. So where is the link being placed?
  • Campaign Medium – What type of campaign you are running. CPC – cost per click? CPM- cost per 1000 views?
  • Campaign Term – This can be used to track the keyword/s that are being targeted. Most don’t use this. But you can if you like.
  • Campaign Content – This can be used to track which ad that was shown. Use this to show which ad, link or action was shown to the clicker.
  • Campaign Name – This is the campaign’s name. This is easy, what is the name of your campaign?

#2 -Placing and using your Google tracking URL – Now what your going to do is take your newly made URL and use it in your campaign. Google will track this a bit differently, by knowing that a click on this new URL goes to a certain campaign to be tracked.

#3 – Setting up & Using the “Goals” Feature –

To set up a goal in Google Analytics, follow these easy steps.

  1. Click “Admin” in the navigation bar.
  2. Click “Goals” under View
  3. Click “+New Goal”

#4 – Track your conversions with Custom Reports – When you’ve created your goals in Google Analytics and you have made ad URLs, now you can read and create reports for your records.

To just view your report follow the below diagram, if you want to make a custom report follow the directions next.

To create a custom report follow these directions-

  1. Click on Customization.
  2. Click +New Custom Report.
  3. Give it a title. The page it is coming from, or where its going?
  4. Click on the link + add metric. Use the information here to add the various metrics you want tracked.
  5. Click on the link + add dimension and pick how you want to display the data.
  6. Then click save to save the report to be emailed or printed.

Hope you learned some good information to help you with the chore of how to track conversion with Google Analytics.

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