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How to Make WordPress User-Friendly For Your Customers

Before the introduction of the WordPress, creating a WordPress user-friendly website was a huge challenge. WordPress has made it extremely easy to create a WordPress user-friendly website that can translate into better leads and customer engagement. Since its Introduction WordPress has turned into a huge platform that is used and loved by millions of users across the globe.

You could find numerous website with a poor design that is absolute hell to navigate. There is nothing worse than a bad design that traps the visitor rather than providing them with the opportunity to go through the website freely. Therefore, it is extremely important to create a highly responsive and WordPress user-friendly website. In this article, I will be discussing a few simple tips that anyone can use to create a WordPress user-friendly website.

The following subjects will be covered in this tutorial:


WordPress User-Friendly Navigation[sta_anchor id=”navigation”]

An easy to navigate website is an absolute necessity. The website should be designed in such a way that it’s easy to find the desired pages, products, and answers that the users are trying to find. If you have turned your website into a maze then don’t expect the visitors to stay long on your page or visit it ever again.

WordPress User-Friendly, How to Make WordPress User-Friendly For Your Customers

Use creative design elements, simple page navigation, and breadcrumb techniques to lead the visitor where you want them to be. The Theme plays a huge role in either perfecting the navigation of a website or completely ruining it. There are a lot of tools and design features that you can use to make it easier for the visitors to navigate your site.

  • WP-Page Navi & WP Page Numbers are great tools for simplifying and arranging the navigation of your website in a simple and logical order.
  • Breadcrumb Nav XT is highly effective in leading your visitors to the space that you want them to be on. If used effectively it can convert a casual visitor into a solid lead.
  • Adding “Up” button, back to the home screen and other such quick navigation shortcuts can significantly improve the navigation of your website.

Support Area[sta_anchor id=”support”]

A dedicated page on your website for contact information, FAQ, and other support guidelines can enhance the experience of the visitors even further. This page should be compelling enough to promote your website but should also be worthwhile for the readers. Support pages not only make it easier for the users to navigate through the website but also create professional vibes that keep the users hooked to your website.

WordPress User-Friendly, How to Make WordPress User-Friendly For Your Customers

FAQ page should be written in simple language, provide a brief intro of your services, websites, or the goal of the page. You can use your competitor’s pages for inspiration by understanding how they have designed and constructed their support/ FAQ page.

The Feedback & Comment System[sta_anchor id=”feedback-and-comments”]

The main engagement on a website is driven by the comment system. A well-designed, spam free, and highly tweaked comment system would be the best thing for your customers. They would be able to express themselves freely and provide critical feedback regarding the website. The comment system is extremely important for effective engagement.

  • Comment Widget: The comment widget like HyperComments can be extremely effective in providing a voice to your visitors. The comment section should empower your users and engage with you in an effective manner.
  • Spam Control: There is nothing worse than spam. If left unchecked the spam can grow like weed and completely destroy your community. Therefore a Captcha or any other similar system should be used to control Spam. The system should be quick so it doesn’t cause delays for real users but should be effective enough to eliminate or reduce SPAM.
  • Intelligent Conversation: The comment section should also make it easy for the users to have healthy interaction with each other. Replying, chat notifications, and new comment system can be utilized for accomplishing this.

WordPress User-Friendly Content[sta_anchor id=”content”]

Content is the main aspect that attracts visitors to your site. A well-researched article can do wonders for your website. Whether you are engaged in E-Marketing, or simply maintain a blog, updating your content frequently is very important. The content plays a key role in directing attention to your website.

Content is also essential when it comes to SEO. A website which updates its content consistently keeps the visitors engaged. Well written content puts a great first impression on the visitors and also conveys an environment of professionalism. Posting new content on a frequent basis keeps the website relevant that results in continuous growth in visitors. WordPress has a very thorough system of posting content on your website, it provides you with all the tools that you may need to create engaging and perfect content.

Social Media[sta_anchor id=”social-media”]

The true worth of a website is earned through social media. In the modern time, social media is a great tool for website owners. Social media is a huge platform that anyone can use to market their website and products. An effective social media interaction can be used to create a great community where you users can engage and find solutions to their problems.

WordPress User-Friendly, How to Make WordPress User-Friendly For Your Customers

Yandex.Share, Social Share Button, & UpToLike are great tools for adding social media like buttons on your website. Creating a WordPress user-friendly website is all about exploring different design and engagement ideas that can help the visitors express themselves. The Social media integration also improves shareability factor of the website. If any piece of content on your website the social media integration makes it easier for the users share it around.

Social media is an effective tool for increasing the organic traffic on your website. The WordPress websites that succeed in effective social media integration create a WordPress user-friendly environment where you users love to engage.

Regular Maintenance[sta_anchor id=”regular-maintenance”]

Maintenance is another factor that is usually ignored by website owners. Over the passage of time the links can break, pieces of code can become unresponsive, recycled files, Spam, and numerous other variables can go wrong resulting in poor responsiveness. The user tends to avoid a website that has a long loading time, broken links, and code errors. Therefore scour your website on a frequent basis for all these maintenance issues so you can provide your visitors with an uninterrupted and seamless experience.

Tools like phpMyAdmin can come in very handy in accomplishing these tasks. Regular maintenance is the key to a healthy looking website where the traffic can grow in an organic manner. Even search engines tend to favor website that loads quickly and have fewer broken links.

Stay in touch with Modern Trends[sta_anchor id=”trends”]

The technology is constantly changing. The developers are constantly making innovations that enhance the user experience without compromising the security. A truly WordPress user-friendly website remains aware of all these advancements to create a new and hip experience for the visitors. Smartphones have made it possible for the users to browse the internet through their phones, you need to be aware of the smartphone users when designing a website so that you do not lose the connection with that faction of your audience.

Interactive and creatively designed themes are another important factor. Themes that go perfectly with your brand have higher chances of getting customers engaged. The well-designed themes also enhance the readability and overall responsiveness of the website. The combination of all these aspects can go a long way in creating a highly responsive and WordPress user-friendly website.

Readability[sta_anchor id=”readability”]

It is all about presentation, no matter how good your website is it won’t be able to achieve the desired results unless it is presented properly. It is extremely common to come across websites which fail to use proper icons, paragraph blends, and other tools to create readability.

The Icons are the most basic form of graphical enhancements that can do wonders for your content. A well-written article paired with right artwork can add a freshness to your content that is highly desirable. The WP SVG Icons Plugin is a great tool for accomplishing this very purpose.

Make it easier to Pay[sta_anchor id=”easier-payments”]

If you are running an online store then your website should have support for all major payment methods. By supplying your visitors with options it becomes easier for them to make transactions. The ease of payment not only enhances the user experience but also ensures higher earnings.

The Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are making a significant impact in the global markets, becoming open to such smaller and growing communities can direct a new stream of traffic to your website while improving its user-friendliness.

Conclusion[sta_anchor id=”conclusion”]

All the tips and techniques shared above revolve around making it easier for your visitors to get what they desire. The above tips may not apply to all websites but they do provide a basic framework that can easily adapt to create a more fulfilling experience for your visitors. The internet is a very competitive space and you need to be constantly tweaking your WordPress website to make it as user-friendly as possible.


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